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Course Description:  With a few easy-to-learn techniques and simple-to-apply strategies, anyone can write to win.  In fact, everyone has the right to win when writing!  Using a relatable auto racing analogy, participants will learn effective techniques to:
R = REVIEW:  Find out what readers want to know
A = ANSWER:  Meet those needs by replying
       to questions
C = CONDENSE:  Make documents concise, clear,
       and easy to read
E = EDIT:  Revise your documents for accuracy

In addition to a review of other Comerford Consulting writing workshop concepts, this course focuses on audience, those most important people who will READ a document.

Participants will benefit from tips to:
R = RESPOND to readers’ questions, issues, or complaints
E = ENCOURAGE readers to maintain interest in their documents
A = ADD information to address various concerns in specific ways
D = DECLARE willingness to meet readers’ needs and wants
Participants will return to their court units ready to use enhanced writing skills from the basics and beyond.  Participants will get on their marks, get set, and go toward the prize of the checkered flag at the finish line as they master these key RACE and READ concepts.        

      Workshop Objectives:  As a result of attending
      this workshop, participants will learn to:
     1)  Determine what readers want to know
     2)  Write responses that meet their readers’ needs
          and wants
     3)  Convey their points to engage and maintain
          reader interest
     4)  Make documents clear, concise, and easy to read
     5)  Edit and proofread them to ensure they are correct





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond