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Course Description:  Writing skills may not be at the top of employees’ lists when they compile their assets for their upcoming performance appraisals.  However, as managers, supervisors, team leaders, or whatever the participants’ job titles may be, writing is often required. 

First, participants need to compose winning documents and messages.  Designed around a baseball analogy, this course will help them score with their paragraphs, sentences, words, and formats.  Second, they need to critique what they have written. 

This course offers them the oral opportunity to plan and share with the class what they will stop, continue, and start doing for winning writing.  If participants’ goals are to sharpen the skills needed so they can effectively and efficiently improve their writing, they will all feel like winners after this workshop!


   Workshop Objectives:
  Participants will write more
  like winners as they:
   1)  Create rules for winning writing
   2)  Practice winning techniques for their paragraphs,
        sentences, words, and format
   3)  Critique their written documents and messages
   4)  Share their strategies for winning writing in a
        presentation about what they will stop, continue,
        and start to accomplish that
   5)  Plan a more efficient writing process




This course goes beyond Winning Writing, which provides participants with tips and techniques for infusing their own writing with a winning style.  The coaching segment provides strategies to critique the style of others’ writing.  Included are “dos and don’ts” for providing feedback in a positive, motivating, encouraging way.  Role plays help reinforce best practices for winning writing and coaching.





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond