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Course Description:  Participants at first may be surprised at the combination of skills in this course title.  Actually, these two topics blend more than they think in the business world.  Can they relate to the following scenario?

A colleague emails you with a request for information.  Because the situation is rather complex, you opt for a phone call instead.  The two of you engage in a conversation about topic, perhaps engaging in some small talk at the beginning of the call.  At the conclusion of your chat, your colleague indicates satisfaction with the resolution you two discussed.  The call concludes with an additional request, “Could you please put the new process we’ll be implementing in writing?”

These two topics are definitely related, and participants definitely relate to them.  Conversations are interwoven with related writing for the participants in this unique workshop.  It provides a relaxed atmosphere for them to enjoy discussing and writing about the various subjects they engage in to do their jobs.  They report increased interpersonal skills and productive proficiency as they conduct their day-to-day business activities.


   Workshop Objectives:  This course helps
   1)  Converse over the phone or in person  about
         topics needed to conduct business successfully
   2)  Develop strategies that lead to more clear,
         concise conversations including the 3 V’s
   3)  Practice questioning and paraphrasing  to
         ensure a meeting of the minds
   4)  Follow up in writing to continue the
         conversation more productively
   5)  Use Conversation Connections designed to
         bring conversations and writing full circle





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond