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Course Description:  Whatever role participants play on the job, writing or speaking skills may not be at the top of their list when they compile their assets.  However, they are often expected to write and speak with others who rely on them for conducting business there.
This workshop includes a dual focus on writing and speaking.  It begins with a class discussion about professional writing.  Participants will learn the top ten tips for writing documents or messages that meet the needs of their recipients: their readers.
The course continues with strategies for conducting clear, courteous dialogues about various subjects.  As a starting point, participants will discuss plans to improve their writing.  From there, they will choose other interesting topics related to communication skills needed for successful interpersonal interactions.  Group dialogues about those topics will follow.  Then, participants will strategize the best ways to communicate key concepts learned from those discussions with others in writing.

  Workshop Objectives: 
As a result of attending this
   workshop, participants will return to their jobs with
   the ability to:
   1)  Write more effectively and efficiently
   2)  Use more competent, confident speaking skills
   3)  Combine these skills to help them communicate
        more successfully during their day-to-day
        interactions with others





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond