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Writing Workshops

Writing right is crucial for success in the business world.  The workshops below include numerous tips, tools, and techniques to help you learn this valuable skill.

Professional Writing Skills at a Glance emphasizes writing with a more effective style following a more efficient process.  The result is more clear, concise communication written more quickly and easily.

Professional Writing Skills includes the same concepts but in more depth.  An additional module covering grammar and punctuation rules adds correctness to clarity and conciseness.

Email Gems helps participants communicate electronically in ways that resemble gems rather than junk mail cluttering an inbox or smart phone.

Winning Writing offers advanced strategies for those with more extensive writing responsibilities.  It provides opportunities for participants to receive class feedback on their writing as well as coach others on why and how to use those strong stylistic strategies.

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Developing Effective Writing and Business Speaking Skills

Making Connections: Writing and Conversation

Writing Basics and Beyond for Every Level

These courses can all be customized to meet your needs.
Individual coaching is available for every topic.
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Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond