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Course Description:  People can fear public speaking over dying!  For those who want to conquer this common fear and those who already speak in front of groups but would like to do so with greater ease and effectiveness, this course can help! 

Designed to put participants at ease while challenging them to apply concepts they’re learning (yes, by actually speaking), this course gives them essential tools for affecting others with their sales presentations, public speeches, presentations at meetings, and other speaking opportunities. 

Participants receive solid feedback from recordings, self-assessments, peer reactions, and instructor critiques on their speaking performances (standing and seated).  Satisfied clients report increasing success with each succeeding presentation.

Two areas of concern for speakers are what to say (content) and how to say it (delivery).  A typical process often followed before presenting includes protesting, procrastinating, panicking, and praying.  Yes, praying helps, but we recommend replacing the other three steps with planning, practicing, and polishing.  This proven three-step process helps speakers experience less fear along with more competence and confidence when designing and delivering powerful presentations!


   Workshop Objectives:
  Speaking skills of the
    participants will be enhanced as they:
   1)  Discover unique techniques to increase
         platform skills and decrease nervousness
   2)  Prepare, practice, and polish informative and
         persuasive speeches
   3)  Design visuals that illustrate key points
   4)  Deliver their recorded presentations with
         more confidence and competence



Powerful Presentations can be offered as a companion course to Winning Writing with or without coaching.  It is especially helpful for sales presentations including written and oral proposals, positively impacting your organization’s bottom line.





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