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Course Description: As PowerPoint becomes increasingly necessary for far too many corporate presentations, the ability to use it as a way to enhance content decreases.  Slides often resemble doctors’ eye charts with far too much content for viewer ease.  Too many slides can cause audiences to raise skeptical eyebrows as they wonder how they will manage to stay awake through information overload. 

How can PowerPoint be used to add power to the point in a presentation?  This workshop will provide practical tips to help you create slides that are as powerful as your content and delivery.


     Workshop Objectives:
  Working with slides,
      participants will:
     1)  Determine what content needs visual
     2)  Create PowerPoint slides to serve that purpose
     3)  Make them clear and concise with parallel points
     4)  Enhance them with charts that show rather than
           just tell vital data
     5)  Test their power during class presentations





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond