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Course Description:  “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”  That’s so true of your presentations.  Planning a great presentation is just the first step toward achieving success.  You also need to deliver it with panache and pizazz to achieve a speaking reputation as someone others want to see and hear. 

The five platform skills that matter most for delivering powerful presentations include:

        1.  Movement
        2.  Gestures
        3.   Vocal Variety
        4.  Eye Contact
        5.  Facial Expressions

Have you ever had the discouraging experience of delivering a presentation only to receive feedback about what you did wrong without a chance to then do it right?  Not with this class! 

This workshop provides unique tips regarding these five skills along with ample opportunities to practice them for increasing success.  You’ll leave not only encouraged by the positive feedback from your classmates and instructor about you powerful platform skills.  You’ll feel their power too!

   Workshop Objectives:
  After leaving this class,
    presenters will relax with increased ability to:
   1)  Identify the five platform skills that make their
         content more powerful
   2)  Strategize why those skills are vital and how
         to deliver using them
   3)  Practice and polish them
   4)  Feel increased confidence through audience





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond