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Presentation Skills Workshop

Powerful Presentations offers an answer to the question, “Could you please prepare a presentation on this?”  Those words cause unnecessary dread for so many people who instantly wonder what to say and how to say it.  After this workshop, you’ll learn how planning, practicing, presenting followed by constructive feedback and re-presenting will lead to improvement, success, and skills that transfer to your next presentation and beyond.  This will give you a competitive edge!

Powerful Platform Skills provides tips that enhance your content through movement, gestures, vocal variety, eye contact, and facial expressions.  These delivery strategies provide a competitive edge that helps you look and sound more engaging during presentations your audiences will look forward to attending.

Powerful PowerPoint enables you to show rather than just tell the key points of you presentations.  How often have you cringed when you saw far too many weak slides?  This workshop will help you make yours more powerful.  

   These courses can all be customized to meet your needs.
Individual coaching is available for every topic.
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