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Course Description:  Is proofreading an art?  Yes. 
Is it a necessity?  Definitely!  Why?  The image of your organization is at stake every time participants send something out, so all written documents should be error-free.  

Is meeting that goal challenging?  Oh yes, especially proofreading one’s own writing.  But can it be done?  Absolutely!  What’s the best way to make the art of proofreading a skill participants can be proud to call their own?  Practice!

What’s new?  This workshop combines the best of proofreading as an art with the latest in modern rules and helpful tips.   Throughout the class, participants will put these rules and tips into action.  

The result?  Participants will acquire practical new skills for immediate use to proofread more confidently, competently, and correctly.


   Workshop Objectives:
  After this workshop, participants
   will return to their jobs with the ability to:
   1)  Differentiate among revising, editing, and proofreading
   2)  Recognize universal proofreading symbols
   3)  Practice using them on job-related documents
   4)  Edit using related usage, capitalization, and
        punctuation rules
   5)  Edit and proofread the writing of others with an
        eye toward increased levels of accuracy





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond