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Course Description:  Surveys show that 80% of those in the business world tend to say, “Grr!” a lot when editing a document.

Participants will enjoy working with practical grammar and punctuation rules that help them do so more quickly and easily. 

Some topics for avoiding grammar glitches include subject-verb agreement, verb tense, misplaced as well as dangling modifiers, parallel structure, sentence structure, and pronoun case.  Also included are the latest rules to help participants eliminate punctuation pitfalls while mastering commas, semicolons, and colons.  Then, others won’t be likely to say, “Grr!” about the written or edited documents they receive.  


   Workshop Objectives: 
This course helps participants
   do the following when writing and editing:
   1)  Analyze why correct documents are so important
   2)  Identify the errors that tarnish a writer’s image
   3)  Learn practical, current grammar and
        punctuation rules
   4)  Practice correcting grammar glitches and
         punctuation pitfalls
   5)  Demonstrate understanding of the rules through a
         pre- and post-quiz





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond