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Course Description:  This highly participatory workshop blends key concepts of oral grammar and pronunciation with confident, competent delivery skills. 

Participants learn key rules for using correct grammar and pronunciation when speaking as representatives of your organization.  Next, they discuss mastering the 8 C’s of Conversation to help them establish and maintain respectful rapport with each other and their customers. 

To practice incorporating them, the participants form groups who conduct a “conversation” in front of the class on an issue related to communication.  Those conversations allow practice in using correct grammar and pronunciation while engaging the class in topics the participants and their organization will benefit from discussing.  Tone is also included.


  Workshop Objectives: 
After attending this workshop,
   participants will be able to:  
   1)  Analyze the qualities of an effective speaking style
   2)  Use five parts of speech correctly along with precise
   3) Pay attention their image including tone of voice
   4)  Determine organizational benefits using the 8 C’s of
   5)  Maximize their speaking strengths through feedback





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond