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Course Description:  Participants are often surprised to know that grammar rules have changed, some were only myths, and others have even been eliminated!  For example, of the approximately 100 punctuation rules that exist, participants need to know about only 25 of them to handle 90% of their writing, editing, and proofreading needs.  This workshop focuses on practical rules that help them write, edit, and proofread more confidently, quickly, and correctly.

For those who found grammar to be a confusing maze of illogical rules, they will be amazed at how this program builds from one principle to another. A variety of exercises helps clarify and further illustrate previously cloudy grammar and punctuation rules.

This course was created around a building analogy anyone can relate to.  Starting with parts of speech as bricks, participants will learn to construct the equivalent of a writing mansion.  Best of all, pre- and post-assessments prove they have mastered building basics and beyond.

    Workshop Objectives: 
Attending this course will
    help participants:
   1)  Determine strengths and weaknesses in grammar
        and punctuation through a pre-test
   2)  Learn practical, current rules of grammar, 
        punctuation, and usage
   3)  Update knowledge with numerous exercises
   4)  Increase their ability to use these rules when
        writing, editing, and proofreading
   5)  Demonstrate improvement through a post-test





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond