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Grammar Workshops

Writing and editing using correct grammar and punctuation have always been important for an impressive image.  Audiences from millennials to baby boomers increasingly value sentences without grammar glitches, punctuation pitfalls, and spelling slipups.  
Speaking with correct grammar and pronunciation is becoming increasingly important too, both professionally and personally.  Online dating surveys report that after grooming and hygiene issues, those looking for a mate eliminate people in their dating pools who speak incorrectly.  

Comerford Consulting offers a variety of creative grammar workshops:

Taking the “Grr” out of Grammar is a one-day program emphasizing modern, practical grammar and punctuation rules.  It includes a 15-question pre-quiz and post-quiz to demonstrate participants’ editing progress using these key concepts.

Building with the Basics:  Grammar and Punctuation covers similar rules as Taking the “Grr” out of Grammar does but in more depth and with additional activities.  Participants appreciate the 100-question pre-test and post-test that helps them reinforce their learning during class and after.

Speak Smart:  Oral Grammar is a unique workshop that emphasizes correct grammar and pronunciation.  Participants practice using the rules through shared stories that add interest and enjoyment to the class.  A 15-question pre-quiz and post-quiz show improvement throughout this participatory program.

The Art and Practice of Proofreading:  What’s New? provides a modern update for a subject that is often ignored.  Why?  Busy business people believe the myth that technology can save time by replacing the human eye for editing and proofreading.   This course replaces that myth with realistic tips and tools along with numerous opportunities to practice proofreading.

Grammar and Conversation combines key grammar and pronunciation rules with the 8 C’s of conversation.  These skills will help participants communicate correctly and respectfully with internal and external customers.

These courses can all be customized to meet your needs.
Individual coaching is available for every topic.
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