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Course Description:  For those speaking over the phone, during meetings, or in person, correct grammar and proper pronunciation are vital to their image and that of your organization.  Why? 

Listeners tend to generalize an overall lack of knowledge when hearing such mistakes.  Correct grammar and proper pronunciation add that extra aura of professionalism to those speaking as representatives of their organization. 

Managers, supervisors, and employees alike realize they need to speak right so they won’t be left out in the business world.  This workshop helps participants sound as smart as they are wherever or whenever they speak.  

   Workshop Objectives: 
This workshop will
    help participants:
   1)  Analyze the qualities of an effective speaking
        style on the phone or face-to-face
   2)  Use five grammatical parts of speech correctly
   3)  Pronounce words more distinctly and professionally
   4)  Maximize speaking strengths and minimize
         weaknesses through recorded and critiqued talks
   5)  Demonstrate speaking progress through a
        pre- and post-quiz






Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond