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Course Description:  Selling skills revolve around a three-legged stool representing the three P’s: Product, Price, and Person.  How can you make the “Person” part of the stool a secure support for selling while also exceeding excellence in customer service in the process?  Consider the three H’s that are a part of every Person:  Head, Hands, Heart.

These days, customer service often fails to deliver even 1/3 of the person!  This workshop offers a unique perspective to help your organization put the PERSONal back in customer service.

Interactive activities help participants recognize enjoyable and exciting ways to offer PERSONal customer service.  This workshop saved an organization $100,000 the first time it was offered.  It can help your organization do the same while your employees benefit from increased transaction interaction satisfaction!  


   Workshop Objectives:  Participants will improve
    their customer service as they:
   1)  Determine characteristics of good and bad
         customer service, both internal and external
   2)  Discover how using Head, Hands, and Heart
         will increase job performance and satisfaction
   3)  Identify their Geometric Psychology shape
   4)  Discuss how those affect interactions with
         customers and colleagues
   5)  Apply Head, Hands, and Heart skills and behaviors






Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond