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Course Description:  Do email messages in the your organization resemble screen versions of the junk mail cluttering mailboxes today?  In a digital era, this course helps participants develop Screen Savvy to create electronic messages readers view not as “junk” but “gems.” 

Since email messages are only a keystroke away from deletion, the following gem qualities lead to messages more likely to be read instead: clarity for screen sense, carats for screen streamlining, cut for screen sensitivity, color for screen style, and facets for screen scannability.  

Developing Screen Savvy helps participants adapt their writing to this powerful, ever-growing technology.  The result is a Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a helpful checklist to transfer their workshop skills back to the workplace.  


hop Objectives:  Recognizing that email is
  different from paper mail, participants will:
   1)  Share pet peeves about email
   2)  Compare its advantages and disadvantages
   3)  Learn techniques for turning email junk
         into gems through Screen Savvy strategies
   4)  Critique email samples for reaction:  junk or gem?
   5)  Practice Screen Savvy strategies for transferring
       workshop skills back to the workplace





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond