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 Customer Service Workshops

Comerford Consulting provides three workshops that focus on customer service.

Exceeding Excellence:  Personal Customer Service puts more of the PERSON into personal customer service.  How?  This unique workshop offers practical tips for using Head, Hands, and Heart throughout every interaction.  Why?  All three of the H’s are needed to exceed your customers’ expectations.  Emphasis is on showing the most neglected of these, the Heart, to customers and employees.  Call Centers report immediate improvement after this workshop.

Speak Smart:  Oral Grammar is designed for those speaking over the phone or in any situations where making a good impression matters.   How?  This one-of-a-kind course helps participants avoid grammar glitches and pronunciation pitfalls that can damage their image.  Why?  Listeners tend to generalize an overall lack of knowledge when hearing such mistakes.  Correct grammar and proper pronunciation add that extra aura of professionalism to those speaking as company representatives.

Email Gems helps your employees create the the high-quality messages customers expect to receive.  Comparing gems to effective email messages, this course provides tips to write them using clarity, cut, carats, color, and facets for screen-savvy results.  Instead of generating junk mail that clutters numerous inboxes today, participants create reader-appreciated gems for their customers instead

Write Well, Speak Smart, and Exceed Excellence is a new course that combines the best tips fro Exceeding Excellence, Speak Smart, and Email Gems into a highly interactive learning experience. You’ll benefit from an immediate positive impact on your organization’s bottom line! 

These courses can all be customized to meet your needs.
Individual coaching is available for every topic.
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