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Course Description:  Employees in this class are challenged to answer the following question:  Who is the best person to advance your career?  Many erroneously believe their organizational leadership is responsible for that, but a better answer is YOU!  

Creating a personal brand participants use to market themselves is the focus of this class.  Participants first discuss branding characteristics and behaviors leaders valued most.  Tips and techniques to market themselves include the powerful GROW model as a roadmap participants use to move from where they are now to where they would like to be.  Those uncomfortable with the perception of bragging appreciate Modesty Modulators to guide them through the process.  

Savvy employees benefit from positively branding, marketing, and promoting themselves to their managers, who appreciate their teams reaching out to them about this.  Worksheets help participants prepare for marketing conversations; an email template to request a marketing meeting is even included.  Clients report satisfaction from their employees and their leaders with the win/win results of this workshop.


  Workshop Objectives:  Participants will develop
  career enhancing marketing techniques that help them:
   1)  Determine which roles colleagues and leaders
        play in career development
   2)  Assess how colleagues and leaders view brands
   3)  Create a positive personal branding statement
        marketing them
   4)  Practice written and oral ways to convey their
        brand persuasively
   5)  Enhance their brand with the GROW model





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond