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Course Description:  Performance appraisals have the reputation of being daunting to those providing and receiving feedback.  Challenging conversations like these are often difficult, dreaded, and avoided.  Understanding WHAT they are, WHY they are so challenging, and HOW to facilitate them leads to win/win results.

This unique workshop helps participants use communicaring writing and speaking skills.  Whether giving or receiving feedback, this practical workshop provides practice in preparing, delivering, and following up using skills designed to make the process less painful and more productive.  This workshop also works for any challenging conversations.

NOTE:  Three versions of this workshop exist: for leaders who give performance feedback, employees who receive it, and blended groups.


  Workshop Objectives: 
Participants will regard
   performance appraisals more positively after they:
  1)  Analyze WHAT, WHY, and HOW some
        performance appraisals succeed while others don’t
   2)  Plan and write successful performance appraisals
   3)  Practice strategies like active listening and
         paraphrasing to deliver and receive feedback
   4)  Roleplay dialogues for improved leader and colleague





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond