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Course Description:  Interpersonal communication requires the use of Head, Hands, and Heart when interacting with others.  This workshop includes techniques to do so more competently and caringly. 

Participants discuss Head, Hands, and Heart concepts with their colleagues followed by a Geometric Psychology inventory to determine the +’s and –’s of their personality shapes:
boxes, triangles, circles, or squiggles. Connections among those shapes to communication styles like passive, aggressive, passive/aggressive, and assertive are made. 

Communicaring results when all four shapes and styles use their Head, Hands, and Heart to promote positive, confident dialogue. The class builds toward a post/flip activity allowing participants to solve real communication problems, blending the best of their shapes and styles.


   Workshop Objectives:  After attending this course,
   participants will benefit from increased ability to:
1)  Strategize ways to interact using the best of
         their Head, Heart, and Hands
   2)  Brainstorm ways to use their Geometric Psychology
        shapes to everyone’s advantage
   3)  Convert passive, aggressive, and
        passive/aggressive styles into assertiveness
   4)  Combine those skills for confident, competent,
        and caring communication





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond