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Course Description:  What is the difference between being a manager and a leader?  Leaders demonstrate their caring by using these RARE concepts:

      R = Rapport
      A = Accountability
      R = Respect
      E = Expectations

This workshop builds upon RARE as well as key concepts from Confident Communicaring:  

     •   Communicaring Techniques:  Head, Hands, and Heart  
     •   Geometric Psychology:  boxes, triangles, circles, or squiggles
     •   Conversation Characteristics:  Retreating or charging, wounding or wounded stories
     •   Communication Styles:  Passive, aggressive, passive/aggressive, or assertive

RARE concepts combines with head, hands, and heart techniques create caring leaders of people and projects, a RARE combination in the work world!


   Workshop Objectives: 
After attending this course,
   participants will benefit from increased ability to:
   1)  Identify traits of outstanding leaders including
        caring communication
   2)  Differentiate between being a leader and a manager
   3)  Discover RARE strategies to lead and motivate others
   4)  Create action plans to become a valued leader
        Evaluate those plans for ongoing leadership





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond