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Communicaring:  The word “communicate” comes from the Latin word “communicare.”  Communicaring Communication is a multi-part series designed to help everyone in the business world communicate more competently, confidently, and compassionately.   

Unique post/flip activities and role plays are incorporated into these programs.  They revolve around real-world situations that provide dual benefits of skills practiced and problems solved.

These are the workshops offered:

    • Confident Communication: It Starts With You!
    • Communicaring Leadership!
    • Conversations That Count!
    • Marketing Me!

Series Objectives:  These practical programs provide participants, both leaders and employees, with opportunities to:
1)    Incorporate caring into their interpersonal communication
2)    Determine their Geometric Psychology shapes (box, triangle, circle, squiggle) and apply
        their new self-knowledge to connect with other shapes
3)    Use their Heads, Hands, and Heart for impressive interpersonal interactions
4)    Strengthen their new skills through collaborative activities and role plays  
5)    Communicate more confidently, competently, and compassionately at work and at home

These courses can all be customized to meet your needs.
Individual coaching is available for every topic.
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Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond