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What skills do surveys reveal that companies value more than any other?  Communication skills!  Through our 28 years in business, client interests and needs have led to a series of communication classes sure to meet the needs of your organization too.

When Comerford Consulting began, our primary focus was writing skills.  Client requests soon followed for written grammar training as a companion course.  That led to clients asking, “Can you offer oral grammar workshops too?”  Once those became a reality, that led naturally to customer service training.  Recently, our clients have reached out to us for assistance with interpersonal communication skills, which led us to develop our popular Communicaring series.  

Think about your organization.  When your clients and employees talk about your company’s communication skills, what do you suppose they are saying?  A highly regarded way to achieve an A+ when communicating is through workshops with the Comerford Consulting trademark: learning that is informative and enjoyable at the same time.

Satisfied clients have helped Comerford Consulting expand our training and coaching opportunities in ways that can benefit you as well. 

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Writing right is crucial for success in the business world.  Do you know that an average employee writing one letter or memo a week costs $4,258.60 annually? Or that improper use of e-mail wastes approximately $4,000 per employee each year?  Comerford Consulting writing workshops include numerous tips, tools, and techniques for writing more effective documents while following a more efficient process.


Writing and editing using correct grammar and punctuation have always been important for an impressive image.  Audiences from millennials to baby boomers increasingly value sentences without grammar glitches, punctuation pitfalls, and spelling slipups.
Your speaking image is important too when talking over the phone, during meetings, or in person.  Correct grammar and pronunciation add that extra aura of professionalism to those speaking as your company representatives.


People can fear public speaking over dying!  For those who want to conquer this common fear and those who already speak in front of groups but would like to do so with greater ease and effectiveness, this course can help!  Designed to put participants at ease while challenging them to apply concepts they’re learning (yes, by actually speaking), this course gives participants essential tools for affecting others with their sales presentations, public speeches, presentations at meetings, or other speaking opportunities.  Participants receive solid feedback from recordings, self-assessments, peer reactions, and instructor critiques on their speaking performances (standing or seated).  Satisfied clients report increasing success with each succeeding presentation.


Comerford Consulting has three workshops that focus on customer service: Exceeding excellence, Speak Smart, and Email Gems. Use these three workshops to excel at customer service.


The word “communicate” comes from the Latin word “communicare.”  Communicaring Communication is a multi-part series designed to help everyone in the business world communicate more competently, confidently, and compassionately.   Unique post/flip activities and role plays are incorporated into these programs.  They revolve around real-world situations that provide dual benefits of skills practiced and problems solved.

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