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How many oral  grammar and pronunciation rules you learned in school might actually be myths?

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1. The most typical oral grammar error is misusing "real" for "really."

2. Pronunciation errors are more common than grammar errors for speakers.

3. When speaking, only 7% of your meaning is conveyed by the words you use.

4. Speaking correctly over the telephone is more important than doing so in person.

5. Hanging a mirror near your desk is a good way to help maintain a pleasant tone over the phone.

6. Filler words like "uh" and "um" are sometimes desirable.

7. The best way to eliminate grammar and pronunciation errors is to practice saying that phrase correctly until it becomes a new habit for you.

8. You are a role model for the way others speak, especially children.

9. Many oral grammar errors can sound right to your ears as you say them.

10. Listeners tend to judge a speaker's smartness or ignorance according to the correctness of his or her speech.

11. Speakers punctuate when they speak as well as write.

12. Of the five parts of speech speakers misuse, incorrect verbs hurt a speaker's image the most.

BONUS: Ca$h Engli$h should always be spoken in the business world.





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