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How many writing rules you learned in school might actually be myths?

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1. All paragraphs should have at least three sentences.

2. Ending a letter with "Please feel free to call" adds friendliness to your conclusion.

3. Avoid using personal pronouns like "you" or "we" in correspondence.

4. A letter should never exceed one page.

5. Using passive rather than active voice is wrong.

6. Using jargon and technical terminology will impress your readers with how much you know.

7. Include your action item in the same paragraph you use to explain why you are requesting it.

8. Readers typically prefer paragraphs to bullet points when they receive information.

9. Bolding or italicizing key information for your readers can seem insulting to them.

10. Typing a message in all capital letters emphasizes the importance of it.

11. Use one paragraph only for each main point you are developing in a document.

12. The best place to apologize in correspondence is in the concluding paragraph.

BONUS: Grammar and spelling don't matter much in e-mail.





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