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How many grammar and punctuation rules you learned in school might actually be myths?

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1. A comma before "and" in a series is optional.

2. The colon is the most neglected mark of punctuation.

3. Never use "Because" or "And" to start a sentence

4. Fragments are always considered an error in writing.

5. Where you pause, put a comma.

6. The semicolon is an outdated mark of punctuation and, therefore, unnecessary in writing.

7. The most important part of speech is the noun.

8. Use a comma after the salutation in a business letter.

9. The pronoun "everybody" is plural.

10. Dashes and hyphens are interchangeable marks of punctuation

11. Periods can go inside or outside of end quotation marks depending on the quoted material.

12. Never end a sentence with a preposition.

BONUS: Grammar checkers on computers are usually correct!





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