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Linda’s flair for the dramatic on radio led to her trademark of providing seminars that are both entertaining and informative. Typical comments on her evaluations include:

  • I always hated English before, but the time flew here. This writing workshop was excellent!
  • When I was in school, I never even realized this information about communication skills was important. Now that I am in the business world, I need it every day. These workshops gave me practical experience in writing and speaking I actually enjoyed.
  • English was like a foreign subject to me! In these seminars, though, everything suddenly started to make sense. I wish I had clear explanations of these concepts before.
  • I learned and laughed–all in a writing workshop. Who would have believed it?
  • I dreaded taking an oral grammar class because I thought I’d be embarrassed if I made any mistakes talking to the class. But instead I found the talks useful, the feedback helpful, and the constructive criticism delivered so positively I felt good about myself despite my mistakes. I now see them as opportunities to learn and improve!
  • Linda is incredible. Where was she when I was school?
    Everyone should be required to take this course as the concepts presented are so useful. The stories and examples are great. Linda did a super job!
  • Linda was an amazing teacher with a great sense of humor. I would love to take more classes with her in the future. This class was an A+!
  • I wish my boss would take this class. It clarified many writing rules and offered strategies to help everyone write more clearly and correctly. Plus, the training was fun. I can’t wait to use the new concepts I learned the next time I write.
  • Linda did an excellent job presenting difficult information clearly. I especially value the information on the two commandments of audience and purpose with the geometric psychology tips for writing to the different personality types. My writing will change for the better.
  • The instructor is such a great motivator! I struggled with writing and grammar in school, but now I believe I can work with both successfully. I appreciate both the knowledge presented and the encouragement that accompanied it.
  • This class was extremely valuable; I will recommend it to my coworkers.
  • The content was both focused and specific, reinforced with numerous exercises. I especially appreciated the excellent presentation skills tailored to adult learners.
    You managed to take what is typically a dry, boring subject and infuse it with humor and enthusiasm. You manage to present a wonderful, exciting seminar! Where were you when I
    was in school?????
  • I enjoyed the interaction between the participants and the trainer. She didn’t just talk at us, but instead she involved us in the learning. That’s how I learn best, and I learned a lot today.
  • This is one of the best seminars I’ve ever had since I’ve started working here 10 years ago.
  • When I learned that I had to take a writing and grammar class, I dreaded both of them. To my surprise, the time flew, and I was sorry to see them end. Thanks for proving me wrong about attending them, and I will recommend them to others.
  • Linda was so professional throughout our classes. She respected us as participants in her class, kept our attention, involved us throughout, shared numerous relevant stories with us, and offered to help us even after her classes are over. That’s rare! Her classes are an experience, and I’m glad I participated in them.
  • On a scale of 1-10, a 10 isn’t high enough for these seminars. I rate them a 20!





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