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The success of your organization revolves around strong communication skills.  Comerford Consulting specializes in written, oral, and interpersonal communication training.  For 28 years, our workshops have helped satisfied clients communicate more:
effectively and efficiently
Writing SkillsComerford ConsultingSave time and money as you write more effective, efficient emails, letters, reports, and proposals
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clearly and
GrammarComerford Consulting Grammar WorkshopsEliminate grammar glitches and pronunciation pitfalls when writing and speaking
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powerfully and persuasively
Presentation skillsPresentation Skills WorkshopPlan, practice, and polish for competent presentations with increased confidence and decreased fear
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competently and confidently
Customer Service Customer Service WorkshopsUse Head, Heart, and Hands for personalized service with external and internal customers
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courteously and caringly
CommunicaringCommunicaring WorkshopsCommunicate more compassionately through this multi-part series when you interact with others
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 In addition to providing practical tips, techniques, and strategies, these classes are actually fun!  Participants enjoy their learning experience while mastering information immediately transferable from the workshop to the workplace and beyond.  Contact us today for information about the benefits of these workshops that work!  Customized coaching is available too.





Continuing connections from the workshop to the workplace and beyond